Andy Reid on training camp in Lehigh, Chip Kelly, Nick Foles and more

PHOENIX -- Andy Reid brought the Eagles to Lehigh University for training camp in all 14 seasons as Eagles head coach. Reid was a proponent of off-site camps, but he understands the appeal of keeping it at the team's facility, like Chip Kelly will do in Philadelphia.

"At that time, that wasn't an option," Reid said Tuesday at the owners meetings, his first as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach. "We had a contract with Lehigh and wanted to maintain that relationship there. I enjoyed going away, but I can see the plusses in staying. At that time, I enjoyed getting out and going up there. Everyone's got their own way of doing it. Chip's going to put his own mark on things. I think he'll be very good. He's a good football coach. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to go about it, and the way he wants to do it."

Reid was full of praise for Kelly, his replacement. Kelly thanked Reid during his introductory news conference, and Reid played a role in Kelly understanding the job when they spoke during the Eagles' recruiting process.

"Jeffrey asked me I'd do that when I left, and I had no problem doing that. He was very good to me," Reid said. "And really, as a coach, you want your players to be taken care of. You want them to have a good coach. Those are all kids we recruited there, drafted there. We wanted them to have something positive. I think Chip's a good football coach. I think it will work out great for him. And I think he put himself in a good organization. It's a win-win there."

Reid studied Kelly's offense when Kelly was at Oregon. He's also close with Pat Shurmur, the Eagles offensive coordinator who was a long-time Reid assistant. Reid believed this will help the Eagles offense.

"I think most of what he does works at this level," Reid said. "I think he's going to blend it. He brought Pat Shurmur on. He'll blend the pro style with what he does, with the spread. And I think the tempo stuff will translate, that he uses. I think he'll be a very good fit."

Reid's two months with the Chiefs have been busy, including trading for quarterback Alex Smith and signing notable free agents such as cornerback Sean Smith. Reid had his sights set on Smith from the time he took the job, and said he did not think the Eagles were in position to trade Nick Foles.

He also did not worry about the free-agent singings despite the 2011 experience in Philadelphia.

"I think we probably went after different guys in this process," Reid said. "We got a good nucleus of guys there. We got enough draft picks to fill some holes, but we needed depth on the football team. That's what this amounts to. We also needed a quarterback. We were able to get two good ones."