Andy Reid 'going to look at everything' during bye week

Andy Reid has two weeks to get the Eagles' act together. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Andy Reid faces two long weeks before the Eagles play the Atlanta Falcons on Oct. 28. He said he's going to take the time to evaluate everything that has to do with the team. Here Some of his most pressing issues...

- Defensive coordinatoJuan Castillo and fourth-quarter defense: The Eagles surrendered a 10-point fourth-quarter lead on Sunday, meaning it's two weeks in a row in which the Eagles failed to a hold. When Reid was asked specifically about whether Castillo will still call plays, he responded, "that's the way I'm looking at it, as I stand here right now." 

- Michael Vick's turnovers: Vick has 13 of the Eagles' 17 turnovers, including two interceptions on Sunday. "I'm going to look at all that stuff," Reid said. "I know we can get better at it. And we're going to get better at it."


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- Playcalling: The Eagles' pass/run ratio has been out of whack, the linemen are struggling blocking and they lack big plays. Reid was asked if he'll take over playcalling duties from offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. “Listen, like I told you, I’m going to look at everything," Reid said. "I’m going to look at every aspect of it that we have. This covers it. I’m going to look at everything.”

- The pass rush: The Eagles have gone three games without a sack. For a defense built specifically to sack the quarterback, that's astonishing. The Eagles start three linemen north of 30, but Reid did not think they've become too old. "Old by play, I don’t think that right now," Reid said. "We’ve got to get a little better. But I don’t think that’s the reason, no.”

- Slow starts: The Eagles are being outscored, 26-7, in the first quarter. They seem to lack a sense of urgency. "We’re not executing. And then I have to go back and look at, are we giving the guys the right plays to get that done against whatever defense they’re playing against?" Reid said. “I think there’s a sense of urgency. I think the guys are playing hard. I think they’re doing those things. That’s what I see. Now we’ve just got to do better and that encompasses all of us. We’ve all got to do our job. Better take it up a notch.”