NYT: Eagles' Andrews still battling depression

Eagles offensive lineman Shawn Andrews, who missed the 2008 training camp because of depression, told The New York Times that his sunnier public demeanor during the team's recent mini-camp was not a completely accurate view of his his mental situation. 

“There’s some good and bad in there,” Andrews told the Times, referring to himself. “If you know the song ‘Tears of a Clown,’ that would kind of describe my past a little bit up to now.”

Andrews told The Times that his bouts with depression prior to the 2008 season were exacerbated by concerns about the obligation of being a new father, having been raised in by a single mother.

"I had a new obligation, and I’m going to fulfill it because of my past experience,” Andrews said in the story.

The Times reported that Andrews said his interest in football began to flag at the same time.

“I was partying, drinking to try to hide what was really going on,” he said. “Temporarily, it helped me. In the grand scheme, it really didn’t.”

He held out from training camp. The Eagles said they would fine him $15,000 a day. When Moran told him how much money he stood to lose, Andrews said his reaction was, “So what?”