Andrews: I was on the edge

Shawn Andrews, who has missed all of training camp suffering from depression, met with the media today and opened up once again.
  He  said his initial meeting with Andy Reid last week involved him apologizing to Reid for allowing all the rumors about the reasons for his absence in training camp to fester.
   "All the rumors were my fault," he said. "I allowed them to happen."
 Andrews said his depression was such that h e spent long hours isolating himself in a room in house while his mother and others tried to coax him out of it. He said he did a lot of thinking and "felt really lost."
  "I was on the edge; things weren't going well and I felt I had to open up before it was too late," he said.
  Asked by the Inquirer whether being on the "edge" meant he contemplated suicide, Andrews responded, "I won;t say that I contemplated suicide but I had some very in my mind, unrealistic  thoughts about a lot of things. I was really lost and just felt there was no outlet. My mom was there but I wanted the rest of her life to be worry free and I tried to keep things from her. I just felt alone."