Agent: Patterson 'very likely' to play this year

Mike Patterson's agent is confident that Patterson will play this season. (Ed Hille/Staff Photographer)

Mike Patterson's agent J.R. Rickert said it seems "very likely" that the defensive tackle will play football this year. Patterson is still awaiting the final word from doctors, Rickert said, but "everything that I’m seeing and hearing indicates that," Patterson could return to play this season.

Rickert said he and the Eagles would release a joint statement soon, likely next week, on Patterson's condition. Patterson is hoping to soon rejoin the team at Lehigh.

"All the medical reports that we both looked at have been very favorable and positive. We’re just waiting for the doctors to make their final diagnosis, and their final treatment plan," Rickert said Friday.

Asked if Patterson could play this year, he said, "it's very likely that that will happen," but added "again, I'm not a doctor."

Patterson had a seizure at practice Aug. 3. The team has said the cause was likely an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a tangling of blood vessels near the skull. Patterson, however, sought other opinions. He was recently back at Lehigh, looking and acting fine.