Patterson returns to Lehigh

Though Mike Patterson returned to Lehigh Friday, he still needs to be cleared before resuming team activities. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

UPDATE: Mike Patterson is back at Lehigh. He was on campus just before this afternoon's practice, walking around, smiling and looking like himself.

Asked how he was doing Patterson said simply "better" but that he had to talk to more doctors. He told Les Bowen that he'll speak to the media on Saturday.


Mike Patterson's agent said the defensive tackle has been released from the hospital and hopes to resume team activities "within a few days."

Here is the full statement released today by the agent, J.R. Rickert:

Mike Patterson has been released from the hospital and will join his teammates at training camp.

He is scheduled to see a neurologist in Philadelphia in the next day or so. We anticipate that he will be cleared to resume normal team activities within a few days.