Adrian Moten ready to 'make a killing' on special teams

(David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Adrian Moten was signed by the Eagles for one specific reason: special teams. Moten spent the preseason with the Eagles and played well on special teams, and it's a phase of the game he embraced.  

"I learned it last year, coming into the Colts, being that guy just playing special teams, not being a big-name linebacker anymore. It's a job," Moten said. "Coming into the NFL, if you're not a top three pick, first three rounds, you got to look forward to playing special teams. Prime example is Akeem Jordan. Guy that came in, been in the league for six, seven years now. Things like that, seeing things like that, makes me, 'oh, well this is what i got to do to stay in the NFL.' I want to finish here, too."

This is an important mentality. Brian Rolle was a contributor on defense for the Eagles last season, although he struggled on special teams this season. Once Rolle lost his starting job, his primary role on the team was a special teams performer. Rolle said in an interview with The Inquirer on Tuesday that he was not used to special teams.

In speaking in general terms on on Tuesday, general manager Howie Roseman said that special teams require a mentality sometimes lacking in players that were standout defensive players in college.

“When they are in college or even when they are in the early part of their careers they think of it almost as a punishment as opposed to a way they can make an impact on the football team,” Roseman said.

This is a concept that Moten has embraced. He was a two-year starter at Maryland, but understood that is ticket in the NFL was on special teams.

"They don't just give out checks around here," Moten said. "You got to be good somewhere. I haven't started yet, but I've been in a lot of plays on special teams. So I got to do whatever I got to do to make a killing on special teams."