A fine solution

Given Shawn Andrews' admission of depression, there's bound to be public support suggesting that the Eagles waive the daily $15,000 fines that the Pro Bowl guard has accumulated during his absence from training camp. In truth, it's a tricky and sticky situation for the team.

Andrews said Monday that he initially resisted professional help for his depression and you have to believe that offer was made to him by the team back in June when he left the Eagles' voluntary spring camp for what was then termed as a "personal issue."

If Andrews had accepted that offer and immediately been treated for his depression, he might have avoided missing training camp and may not have had to publicly admit his serious illness. It's his initial resistance that likely bothered the Eagles and forced coach Andy Reid to deem his absence from training camp as unexcused.

Should the Eagles decide to waive Andrews' fines, which now total nearly $200,000, they could set a dangerous precedent that might encourage players in the future to forego some part of the grueling two-a-day practices in the sweltering summer heat.

This is not to suggest for a second that Andrews masterminded some grand scheme to miss work because he has some serious issues that he needs to deal with in order to be a healthy human being, which is far more important than being a productive football player.

Anyway, the solution to the fine is an easy one: The Eagles should take the money they get from Andrews and donate all of it to one or more hospitals or organizations that deal with treating mental health.