A confident Michael Vick: 'I fell in love with the game again'

Michael Vick, after another strong outing in the preseason, one that many will say gives him the decided edge in the Eagles quarterback competition, said that Chip Kelly has helped him regain the confidence that he lost after last season.

“When things don’t go well and when everybody’s pointing the finger at you, sometimes it can hurt your confidence," Vick said Thursday night after the Eagles' 14-9 win over the Panthers. "And you can be one of the best players in the league and sometimes outside sources can maybe waiver your feelings or your emotions.

"I read everything that was said. I lived it. When I first sat down with Coach Kelly his main concern, his main goal was to help me get back in tip-top shape and get me to a point where I can be comfortable and believing in myself.”

Vick completed 9 of 10 passes for 105 yards and ran two times for 20 yards in just three drives against Carolina. He did toss an interception before the half, but time was running out and Vick just put the ball up for grabs. In two games, his total passing numbers were: 13 of 15 for 199 yards and one touchdown.

Nick Foles, on the other hand, had another solid outing. But the offense hasn't looked as dynamic in Foles' hands and he threw an ill-advised interception with the Eagles at the Carolina 8.

Despite Vick's advantage, Chip Kelly said after the game that he wasn't prepared to name a starter -- yet.

"I've told you since Day 1 we're not going to make a rash decision," Kelly said. "You can put your pens down if you think we're going to name a starting quarterback in this room right now."

Vick stayed away from saying whether he thought he should start, but he did agree that it would better serve the offense if a starter was named sooner rather than later. The Eagles have two preseason games remaining and travel to Jacksonville on Saturday.

The Eagles open the regular season at the Redskins on Sept. 9.

“It comes a point where somebody has to start taking more reps," Vick said. "But that’s totally up to Coach Kelly and what he decides on. If we got to continue to do it this way then we’re going to keep doing it.”

Baring a reversal of fortune, Vick only needs to avoid a catastrophic performance against the Jaguars to lose the spot -- if Kelly decides to extend the competition another week. The coach has said that he would have a starter named by the time the Eagles start game planning for the Redskins.

Vick, who has struggled the last two seasons after his comeback season in 2010, can't seem to wait for the real games to start.

“I’m having fun playing football. I fell in love with the game again and I’m very thankful for that," the 33-year-old Vick said. "You got to play this game with intense passion and purpose. I thank Coach Kelly for what he’s done for me. And that’s just giving me that confidence that I felt like I was losing at some point in my career.

"You just got to keep working hard and when you do that, you get the results that you want. But you can’t be satisfied with this performance tonight. It’s a long season and we got a lot of work to do and I understand that and I won’t lose sight of that.”

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