Birds' Eye View Archive: July, 2011

Banner: Eagles determined to hold camp at Lehigh

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The Eagles are determined to hold training camp at Lehigh and would not cancel until “the very last minute” team president Joe... Read more

Brady, Brees, Manning: time to get a deal done (Updated)

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Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning released a statement today urging a deal in the NFL's long-running lockout. Along with being three... Read more

Eagles rank 11th in franchise value list

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The Eagles are the 11th most valuable franchise in all of sports, worth $1.12 billion according to Forbes. Both their ranking and value are... Read more

Eagles chat with Jonathan Tamari

Chat: What will be the Eagles' first order of business once the NFL lockout is resolved? Join the Inquirer's Jonathan Tamari as he takes... Read more

Nike re-signs Vick

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The Michael Vick comeback story has come full circle. Nearly four years after he was dumped by Nike the Eagles quarterback was re-signed by... Read more