Birds' Eye View Archive: June, 2011

Haynesworth and the Eagles

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A report from Yahoo! sports yesterday said Eagles coaches have interest in Plaxico Burress and Albert Haynesworth. We wrote a brief picking... Read more

Reid talks Dawkins, LB, his mustache and sandwiches

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Andy Reid shared some thoughts about the decision to let Brian Dawkins walk away and his plans at linebacker and tight end next season as he... Read more

Optimism spreads on possible NFL deal

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Optimism about the end of the NFL lockout is spreading. Multiple reports in recent days have said the “secret” meetings between... Read more

Dungy talks Burress, Eagles

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Tony Dungy, who advised Michael Vick after he left prison, is taking on a similar role for Plaxico Burress, but he raised some doubts today... Read more

Live Eagles chat with Jonathan Tamari

Join The Inquirer's Jonathan Tamari for a live chat about all the latest offseason Eagles and NFL news at 1 p.m. Tuesday. If you're on a mobile... Read more

Nowitzki, Reid and championships

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He just walked off? No celebratory hugs with his teammates? No handshake for his defeated opponents? Dirk Nowitzki, as the clock ticked down... Read more

Eagles coaches wave off lockout concerns

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One of the great contrasts between professional athletes and the reporters who cover them is our approach to the negative, or what coaches... Read more

Eagles chat with Andy Reid, June 15

Eagles coach Andy Reid dropped by for a live chat moderated by The Inquirer's Jeff McLane on Wednesday. Click on the transcript below to find... Read more

Eagles build playground in Kensington

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Looking back at Wednesday, it was one of the busier days for Eagles news since the draft -- Michael Vick, Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie all met... Read more

Vick, Lurie, Reid talk Plax, lockout, training camp

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In the locked out NFL world, today counts as a busy day for the Eagles. Michael Vick talked about welcoming Plaxico Burress and plans for more... Read more