Banner: '(Vick) is doing everything we could ask for.' Plus: Eagles partner with Phillies

Eagles president Joe Banner, speaking at a joint venture with the Phillies and Jefferson Hospital Tuesday morning, praised Michael Vick and expressed his delight over Sunday's win.

"He's doing great," Banner said of Vick. "He's doing everything we could ask for. We have to see how things play out over the season for everybody to really see what our vision is for how he can help the team." 

Banner would not offer any updates on the status of former linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, who has reportedly worked out and taken a physical for the Eagles.

"All we've done right now is work him out," Banner said.

Shying away from making bold claims like his preseason comment that the Eagles have the "best roster in the league," Banner stressed that the Eagles' victory over Kansas City on Sunday was just a good sign.

"We're optimistic that we have a good team and a lot of young players so we have a chance to have a good team for a while," Banner said. "But you have to prove that on the field." 

Banner was on hand to announce a unique partnership with the Phillies and Jefferson Hospital. The two sports franchises got together and designed a T-shirt with both Eagles and Phillies logos on it to raise money for the Jefferson Breast Care Center.

The T-shirt is $20 and will be sold at both stadiums and teams' Web sites. All of the proceeds will go to the hospital. It will be sold only in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Such a partnership with the Phillies is unusual for the Eagles. But it was Banner's original idea, Phillies president David Montgomery said.

"We both always look for opportunities," Banner said. "In some ways our businesses are distinct and some ways they overlap."