Dawkins and Harbaugh on Johnson

Two of Jim Johnson's acolytes are sending their best wishes to the Eagles defensive coordinator who is undergoing another round of treatment for a metastasized tumor near his spine. Johnson was granted an indefinite leave by the Eagles earlier this week as he starts another session of chemotherapy, and Brian Dawkins and John Harbaugh are pulling for the 67-year-old defensive wizard.

"I left Jim a little text message yesterday, 'We need to talk about quarters coverage. We've got some questions that have come up,'" Harbaugh said Tuesday at Ravens passing camp, according to USAToday. "I need to find out what Jim thinks."

Harbaugh, now the head coach in Baltimore, worked alongside Johnson as the Eagles special teams coach for nine seasons and one season under him as the Birds' secondary coach. Harbaugh said talking strictly about football will help keep Johnson's mind off the cancer.

"That's the thing about Jim," Harbaugh said. "You don't want to call and talk about his situation. Now if you want to call and talk about ball, he'll talk to you."

Dawkins, now a safety with the Broncos after a decade with the Eagles, said he plans on visiting Johnson soon. "If anyone can fight through and have a positive outlook, it's Jim," he said.