Mornhinweg says Kolb had 'no effect'

Quarterback Kevin Kolb said he was calling out plays to the Cardinals defense based on his time with the Eagles. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg took a subtle dig at his former protege, Kevin Kolb, saying the ex-Eagle quarterback had no effect on the game. This came after Kolb said on local radio he was calling out plays to the Cardinals defense based on his knowledge of the Eagles scheme.

"That’s a story you can always anticipate, an ex-player that's on another ballclub and who’s injured and wants so badly to be a part of a win," Mornhinweg said. "In the two-minute (offense) we only called two plays on the line. Completed the third down and then dropped a big one." 

Mornhinweg said he reviewed film and didn't see any impact from Kolb (though how exactly he could tell isn't clear, since the Cardinals did successfully stop the Eagles).

"It’s clear on film. Also I think that stuff's sort of overrated. Just put yourself in a corner's position, and some guy on the sideline’s yelling at you something. You've got to trust yourself," Mornhinweg said.

"I did check and it had absolutely no effect."

Mornhinweg's lack of concern about Kolb's knowledge comes in stark contrast to a coaching staff that usually guards even the smallest bits of information for fear that it might give opponents an edge.