'Worst coach' and other Eagles-49ers awards

The Inquirer’s look at some of the highs, lows, odds and ends from Sunday’s game:

Worst performance by a defensive player: Watching Nnamdi Asomugha play on Sunday was like watching Robert DeNiro in “Little Fockers.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Eagles cornerback missed tackles, bit on fakes and was completely lost at times in the Eagles zone. All that for $60 million? Maybe his act in Oakland wasn’t ever Oscar-worthy.

Worst coach: Andy Reid. Has there ever been a Reid-coached team this unprepared for a game? OK, the 1999 team was rotten. But no one expected that group to amount to much of anything. This team was [italic]supposed[/italic] to be a Super Bowl contender. At least that’s what the Eagles front office intimated after they slapped each other on the backs for a week after their free agent signing spree.

Best player of the game: If one has to go to an Eagle, Michael Vick earned honors with his career day. The Eagles quarterback passed for a career-high 416 yards and also ran for another 75 yards. He completed 30 of 46 passes and was picked off only once on a deep toss that DeSean Jackson should have pulled in.

Worst celebration: What was up with Eagles linebacker Moise Fokou’s crawl on the ground after he held a 49ers running back to two yards? Was it a modern rendition of “The Worm?” Guess a two-yard stop from this run defense is worthy of a ridiculous dance.

Worst rookie: There was a lot to choose from and, well, Danny Watkins deserves special notice for not dressing for the third game this season. But kicker Alex Henery missed two chip shot field goals. The first – a 39-yard try – was as far right as Rick Perry.

Best opposing player: Some of the credit has to go to the Eagles’ putrid run defense that couldn’t stop a 300-pound guard if given the carries. But Frank Gore showed some gumption with his 15-carry, 127-yard outing on Sunday. The 49ers running back was a game-time decision with a bum ankle and didn’t start, but he made the best of his less-than-normal number of touches.

Worst coaching decision: We’ll take Ronnie Brown’s word for it when he said he had a run-pass option on his third down second-quarter carry near the goal line. Brown’s bone-headed idea to throw the ball on the ground – thus fumbling – will not be excused. But No. 1: Why not just go back to LeSean McCoy when Brown has been a dud this season? And No. 2: Why get tricky down at the goal line when you can’t even run a successful dive inside the 2?

Best Eagles defender: Jason Babin’s three sacks and forced fumble give the Eagles defensive end this award without much of a fight. But how about Casey Matthews? He wasn’t blown up by one block the entire game. Oh, that’s right, he hardly played.

Worst good game by a receiver: Jackson might have caught six passes for 171 yards, but he dropped two bombs he should have pulled in. Special mention goes to Jeremy Maclin, who was run down by a 285-pound defensive end and fumbled the game away.

Worst of the worst: The Eagles. Did anyone expect this team – this “Dream Team” – to be 1-3 after four games? Sure, there were going to be some early bumps but, but instead of bumps the Eagles face a mountain-sized task if they want to get to the playoffs. This  award should be called the “Stinky.”