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POSTED: Monday, May 3, 2010, 11:08 AM

Proust got a book out of a dessert item. I went looking for a column in a bottle of Beef, Wine & Iron.

It's an old one. Couple years back we pulled a wooden box out of the attic. Inside, wrapped in a 1921 Public Ledger, were a dozen or so medicine bottles from the Mr. Anthony's Apothecary, which was two blocks down our street, and last time I looked was a catering business.

My wife polished the better looking bottles, and we kept the weird swollen pills and now-crystallized powers. One empty bottle, label intact, read "Rexall's Beef, Wine & Iron." (no, not the one pictured - that's Beef, Iron & Wine, which must have inspired the makers of the video below.)

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