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POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2005, 1:26 PM
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Strike_1 The El may be grounded and the buses tucked away in their sheds, but there was plenty of action at the Bridge & Pratt terminal today.

Picketers from TWU Local 234 were chanting, passing cars were honking in support, and two men standing across the street were doing their best to pick a fight.

"You work for your rights, and that's cool, but I've got to get downtown," screamed John Tillman, who runs a moving company. "I've got three jobs today, and I can't move myself."

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2005, 10:38 PM
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Dear_me I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr., indicted Cheney chief of staff, and the latest in a line of right-wing naughty novelists:

He could feel her heart beneath his hands. He moved his hands slowly lower still and she arched her back to help him and her lower leg came against his.

I have to snip there for next comes a word we don't easily slip into the newspaper. Wait, this is a blog.

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2005, 10:03 PM
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TheoAnybody notice that the boy wonder of baseball general managers is suddenly available.

Theo Epstein, tricks the Boston Red Sox on Halloween, and leaves a three-year contract extension on the table. Epstein, the Yale-educated grandson and grand-nephew of the Casablanca screenwriters, moved Red Sox Nation's beloved Nomar Garciaparra for the parts that built a World Series champion after an 86-year drought.

Don't the local nine have an opening for a super hero in casual slacks?

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2005, 9:11 AM
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Alito Born on April Fools Day. Nominated to the Supreme Court on Halloween. Son of an Italian immigrant. Graduate of Princeton and Yale Law. Catholic (giving the court a majority in that respect). Personable enough to have a gourmet coffee named after him in downtown Newark, N.J.

Samuel A. Alito Jr., 55, who sits on the Philadelphia-based federal appeals court, was named this morning by President Bush to replace Sandra Day O'Connor as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court and erase convervative memory of his failed try at elevating White House counsel Harriet Miers for the job.

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2005, 6:42 AM
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President Bush changes the conversation.

POSTED: Sunday, October 30, 2005, 7:58 PM
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Matthau A lot of gatherings these days along the rail that overlooks the cavernous newsroom. A religion writer catches your eye, tells you he's leaving. He’s thinking about non-profit work, he says. Something totally different.

Your editor tells you the same thing. Taking the buyout, rewriting Act Two while he can. Others have talked about joining the Peace Corps, or retiring early to try blogging, for God’s sake. A lot of people are suddenly looking younger.

We’re saying goodbye to 75 journalists – 15 percent of the 506 positions we have at the Inquirer. The Daily News is losing 25 of its 130 newsroom jobs – that’s 19 percent. It’s not clear whether this publicly held corporation will have to lay off anyone to meet its numbers, but the place where one gets one’s buyout papers is doing land-office business. We’re more than two thirds of the way there with five days to go.

POSTED: Friday, October 28, 2005, 10:00 AM
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Libby I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr., chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, indicted today on five counts. Obstruction, false statement and perjury charges. Lied, the prosecutor contends, about his role in leaking the identity of a CIA agent.

"Never sought limelight," the Washington Post writes in an online news-feature.

Part of a small neo-conservative group that started plotting at the end of 2002 to get the U.S. into war with Iraq, investigative reporter Sy Hersh just told the Associated Press Managing Editors conference in California, where I am today. "The republic may be saved by a prosecutor," Hersh said, blaming the press for failing to do its job.

POSTED: Thursday, October 27, 2005, 9:14 AM
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Hm Harriet Miers withdraws name from consideration for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Does this mean today is the day for a dribble of news about Plame case indictments?

Only a cynic would think that way, right? Who would orchestrate two bits of bad news to drop on the same day?

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