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POSTED: Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 4:19 PM
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Redskinscheerleader Was intrigued by the New York Times article Monday detailing how pharmaceutical companies recruit cheerleaders to sell drugs to doctors. The "Gimme an Rx" piece, reported by Stephanie Saul, describes these can-do gals as the perfect salespeople to move the product to physicians, most of whom are male.

It quotes Dr. Thomas Carli of the University of Michigan, not a fan of the practice, as saying, "There's a saying that you'll never meet an ugly drug rep."

Where the article doesn't quite deliver is in giving details of the X-rated parody email, reportedly making the rounds, from a cheerleader-turned-saleswoman.

POSTED: Monday, November 28, 2005, 10:45 AM
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By_peter_tobia So this is Cyber Monday, a new holiday, named for all the Internet shopping conducted today, the first day after Thanksgiving that we are back at work and can use the company's broadband access to be truly productive.

I'm still trying to sort out Black Friday. The New York Times tell us that since 2003 it's been the busiest shopping day of the year.

The Urban Legends site says not so fast.

POSTED: Monday, November 28, 2005, 9:38 AM
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Turkeymold The best part of Thanksgiving for me comes afterward, the turkey sandwiches on rye with stuffing and cranberry sauce, gobbled while driving 60 m.p.h.

But that was before encountering this, the Jell-O mold in the shape of a turkey on a bed of pomegranate seeds.

Can probably be whipped into a driver-friendly shake. (Pilgrim's hat tip, Clicked.)

Posted 11/28/2005 09:45:22 AM
POSTED: Sunday, November 27, 2005, 9:08 PM
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We were coming back from Sharon. The plan had been to head for Virginia to see my wife's family, then I'd fly to Florida and help my parents dig out from Hurricane Wilma. My dad was to have laparoscopic surgery to remove his gallbladder - a drive-through, he expected.

But things got complicated - there was an infection, then spasms that doubled him over in agony, and so we went we went north instead, and spent a few days in my boyhood home, lending support to my mom, distracting my dad.

Time slowed, I'd haunt the closet and bookshelves, and something drew me to a knotty pine door in the far corner of the basement, where I found a long-ignored bunch of old baseball bats leaning up against the water meter - Louisville sluggers etched with the names of sluggers like Harmon Killebrew and Roger Maris. I found my grandfather's old mambo lps. Photos of my old hockey team. (We all had our own teeth.) Paged through my 9th grade yearbook, signed by one friend, Peter Weisman - "to a great kid" - who was at a wedding a few years later when a troubled Vietnam vet swung at someone with a chair. Only Peter stepped in to be the peacemaker, and the chair hit him in the head. Killed him instantly. I think about that every time we pass his mother's house.

POSTED: Sunday, November 27, 2005, 6:08 PM
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Gone a week and look what happens:

The New York Times spends some quality time in the gritty "go-to destination" called Northern Liberties, and finds sea urchin, The Cramps and $20 hanger steaks with purple mashers.

Rocky Rocky still gets no respect. An LA Times piece wraps up the low blows about the sixth flick planned around the now-decrepit South Philly fighter. Quotes Letterman: "Constantly says 'Yo, Adrian, got my Lipitor?' "

POSTED: Monday, November 21, 2005, 6:00 AM
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Taking the holiday week off.

POSTED: Sunday, November 20, 2005, 11:39 AM
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The Curveball Saga is what the LA Times calls its investigation into the Iraqi informant whose dodgy claims helped the Bush administration make the case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

His German intelligence handlers say they were stunned when they heard Colin Powell's war argument at the UN. They'd warned the CIA that Curveball's information was "often vague, mostly secondhand and impossible to confirm."

Meanwhile, as Open Source Media is about to launch a blog carnival Monday on the controversy over pre-war intelligence, thought I'd link this Knight Ridder Washington report from mid-week that finds the administration isn't quite telling the truth when it criticizes its critics.

POSTED: Friday, November 18, 2005, 12:00 PM
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"I thought I'd start with a little history lesson, since it is the middle of the day and you should be in school."

This is Amy Rigby, feet apart and her guitar slung around her neck, telling what she'd just chosen to kick off her noontime show at the World Cafe.

"I’m like Rasputin/I get back up again."

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