Starting in 1910, Harry Haigh played six seasons in Class A and B ball, catching for teams like the Lynn Shoemakers and the New Orleans Pelicans before hurting his knee, hanging up his spikes and returning to Philadelphia, where he spent his days as a mounted police officer.

He also took his daughter to a lot of games, which is how Jessie Foyle of Roborough began a love affair with baseball that's served her well over her 94 years. She's seen a lot of games, with season tickets at two stadiums, and built a streak of consecutive World Series seen that stands at 45.

Jessie Foyle, known for her World Series streak, must rely on a radio.

She thought her move into a retirement home last May would mean more time to watch the game. She was wrong.

It's difficult to follow your game on the radio when you are near deaf.

The woman celebrated in newspapers across the country as Cape Lady finds herself in a game of hardball between Comcast, DirecTV and the Phillies. She doesn't have a chance. Today's metro column.