The Slow-News Movement

Breitbart and Sherrod and Wikileaks, oh my!

What if we just took a deep breath and turned these shiny objects around a few times in our minds before we trumpet them to the world. Make a few calls. Do a little digging. Reflect a bit. Is there place for this in this ready, post, aim world? 

Walter Shapiro in Politics Daily makes the case for joining the Slow-News Movement:

We have collectively blundered into a P.T. Barnum media age when being first trumps being accurate. The economic rewards of the Internet flow to those who win the search-engine wars by being fast and furious rather than to those laggards who wait to be accurate and comprehensive. It is as if the motto of today's journalism has become: "He who dies with the most clicks wins."

For fans of the news that oozes instead of breaks, to cop a phrase from the mystic of the Old Inquirer.