You never know who reads these things

Just opened my e-mail to find a very cool request: an author in California wants to help me deliver some of his books to the homeless woman I wrote about today -- she's a big fan of his horror stories.

What I wrote today was a follow-up to Wednesday column, about a woman who lives on the street and came to the rescue of a former city housing commissioner. Tommy Massaro had collapsed while walking to the ER at Hahnemann Hospital. (He's got heart problems.) And a woman named Tina, who has lived near 18th and Vine since getting out of prison in May, came to his aid, when others  drove or walked by. Today's piece describes my visit with her after Sister Mary Scullion's people tracked her down for me and Massaro.

Ray Garton, left.

Here's the column.

And here's the email:

In your piece, you mentioned that she was reading my novel 'The Loveliest Dead.' You quoted her as saying, 'I like horror. Blood and killers.' That made my whole weekend. It would be my pleasure to send Tina a couple of my inscribed novels....

Ray Garton.

So it looks like I have a delivery to make to the seventh tree from the left at 18th & Vine.