Why Hillary Wasn't Vetted

Why didn't Barack Obama give Hillary Clinton the courtesy of a tire-kicking before picking someone else as his VP?

Anne E. Kornblut of the Washington Post answers the question that's nagged me since the weekend.

Did he not vett her out of disrespect for the woman who campaigned so hard against him.

No, Kornblut writes in a page one piece.

It was out of respect:

In a private meeting with Sen. Barack Obama after she conceded the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton made a request: that he consider her for his vice presidential running mate, but not put her through the charade of being vetted if he was not serious.

Obama told Clinton then it was unlikely he would choose her, people familiar with the conversation said. Obama did not want to lead her on and, after campaigning against her for more than a year, already had a sense that their pairing would not be the right fit.


Elsewhere at the Post, Chris Cillizza lists five things Hillary needs to do tonight. Among them, be funny and go after John McCain.


Time Magazine scribes spent some time chatting up delegates who'd committed to Hillary. And found the dedicated weren't exactly preparing a walk-out. The reporters were predicting an Obama likefest by Thursday night, if not a lovefest.