Who's Watching?



Nielsen says older people are watching. And guess who's pulled the biggest audience so far? Hillary Clinton.

According to the ratings service's blog:

Bill Clinton and Senator Joe Biden drew more viewers (24 million) than Michelle Obama (22.3 million) – but fewer than Hillary Clinton (26 million).

Older viewers (age 55+) continued to dominate the TV audience Wednesday night, with 18.1% of all Americans in that age group — 12.5 million people — tuning in to the convention coverage.

The third night of coverage drew 12.2 percent of all African-American viewers, down slightly from the night before.

The ratings are up slightly over the Democratic convention in 2004. An AP account says  CNN on Wednesday topped CBS and ABC for the first time while staying even with NBC.

Me, C-Span all the way. The simply beauty of dead air