Time waits for no one

Days after MTV debuted on August 1, 1981, I went to the Echelon Mall and bought a color TV.

That 19-inch beauty cost me a cool $325 at Gimbels.

On the screen, the VJs were dorky but the wall-to-wall music was so mesmerizing that even my resolutely Jersey-averse friends in Philly -- where cable barely existed -- managed to cross the bridge to enjoy the view.

Eventually I became my own VJ, utilizing a suitcase-sized VCR and a wired "remote" to make videotaped mixes of all my biggest hits.

I still have my "Videothons," in an actual suitcase, somewhere.

These days I don't watch much -- ok, I'll admit, I don't watch any -- MTV.

But 30 years is 30 years.

Happy Birthday, kids.