Obama Cowboys Up!

I think it was Norman Mailer who wrote that you shouldn't invade a country without understanding its music. 

Brooks & Dunn? When they started playing that syrupy country tune, "Only In America," after Barack Obama finished his speech last night, I thought, What a strange piece of stagecraft.

 I woke up wondering if it was really Obama's choice. I know he's hands-on. But does he really dance to this? I mean there were so many anthemic pieces he or his people could have chosen as exit music -- "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke, or that other SC, Sheryl Crow, who a few hours earlier had sung "A Change Would Do You Good."

Brooks & Dunn?

 Then on something called Cowboy lyrics I checked out the words:

 Sun coming up over New York City

School bus driver in a traffic jam

Staring at the faces in her rearview mirror

Looking at the promise of the Promised Land

One kids dreams of fame and fortune

One kid helps pay the rent

One could end up going to prison

One just might be president

I guess he does understand our music.

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