'We'll Never Lose Again'

You return from lunch and see that a reporter has called.

You don't think before calling him back.

This is how you wind up in the New York Daily News, providing fresh meat for the rivalry between those entitled Giants and our hairy Birds. It could have been a lot worse.

A taste of the article headlined, "Eagles' Fans Join Team in No-Shave Scheme":

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin - along with the rest of his town - has been riding that high ever since. "We're never going to lose again," Rubin said. "You get a win after a quarter century, and all the bile is flushed. You are feeling no pain."

Gone are the days when Philadelphians looked up at sunny skies and reflexively reached for their umbrellas, he said. "The whole psyche of this place is different since the World Series," Rubin said. "Pessimism? What's that? People get used to feeling good real fast."

At least he didn't quote me on the part where I said the female Eagles fans weren't shaving either.