Weiner vs. Willie

Huma Abedin, alongside her husband, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. KATHY WILLENS / Associated Press

Let’s face it: New York does everything bigger, even when it comes to sexting/selfie scandals.

Consider that our neighbor to the north has mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his pronounced tendencies toward intimate self-portraiture.

As amazing as it seems, Weiner is still running for mayor nine humiliating days after the latest revelation of his talent for self-exposure and Internet socializing. His habits launched a seemingly inexhaustible barrage of New York tabloid pun-filled headlines and late-night television jokes, while virtually every female writer on the Eastern Seabord wrote a column asking what is Good Wife Huma Abedin is still loyally by his side.

And what did we have in Philadelphia? Judge Willie Singletary, also cursed with an apt time for his foibles.

Despite being spectactularly unqualified, Judge Willie was elected to the hackatorium known as Philadelphia Traffic Court, which fortunately is no more. Singletary resigned in December after showing cellphone images of his privates to a court secretary.

As you may recall, Singletary was elected in 2006 despite being caught on video soliciting donations at a biker rally, saying, "You're all going to need my hookup, right?" Perhaps his biggest preelection accomplishment was amassing $11,500 in traffic fines, which meant he had a suspended driver's license for much of the time he was on the bench.

So, yes, we had our Judge Willie but New York still has its candidate Weiner.

--Karen Heller