We loved to love you, Donna

Donna Summer was my gay generation’s very own diva.

As baby boomers came out en masse in the spinny ‘70s, disco emerged along with us, becoming our music, then (for a moment) America’s. And Summer, who died of cancer Thursday at 63, was its signature voice.

Her vocals blended breathy with earthy, humanizing producer Giorgio Moroder’s signature robotic/melodic beats. The pulse he helped perfect goes on (and on) in contemporary pop, but Summer’s season was brief: The hits pretty much stopped after many gay men were disappointed, if not betrayed, by some born-again homophobic remarks she later denied.

She still made records and toured periodically, but the party was over, along with the era.

For gay men of a certain age, however, Summer has never really gone away.

The "Queen of Disco" still reigns on our collective soundtrack; her songs will forever remind us of those hot nights we danced together 'til dawn, free at last.

Rest in peace, girlfriend.