Walking the Talk

Here's a taste of The Talk, the one-stop site we've built over at Inquirer.com Think of it as Blinq on steroids.

It's a visual way to see what's happening each day morning. I start off by gathering a quick view of the day's news, then arrange a sampling of Inquirer stories, plus good works written by others in town, presented in a List.ly list. What's that? It's a service that lets you vote stories up or down and SUBMIT YOUR OWN. I get to moderate them, but still ....

You can talk back on coveritlive, which is a chat software.I've put together a Twitter feed of essential Philly voices. Let me know if you know some I should add.

The main event is a running blog I write - today's begins with Chris Christie and the F bomb.

Good to be writing again -- Dan