WMMR in 1972, When Free Form Rocked

Major props to the commenter Jackson who, after reading Monday's post about the rebirth of WNEW-FM, did me one better. He passed along a link to a time machine:

Three hours of WMMR from 1972. (link removed)

Warning - the site is balky, and it wants you to download something I totally ignored, but with a little patience you could be grooving to a college-age David Dye talking about long-gone thread shops and his parents grokking to Glenn Miller as he cues up "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes."

The voice is different, but the sensibilities are the same.

There's Free and Fanny, Firesign Theatre and Flash. Michael Tearson spins John Coltrane's "Mr.Sims." A set from the late Ed Sciaky segs Santana's "Song of the Wind" into that FM stoner classic, "The Wind." True free form.

Made me wish I was here.


One reader warned that he got a virus from the MMR link, so while I didn't, this is a possibility I must pass along. The reader said it was the xml_hack.AO virus, which attacks a vulnerability in  Apple QuickTime 7.1.3. programs not protected by security updates.