Vintage NY Whine

I don't know what's more satisfying than reading the New York papers whine about Philadelphia and its winning ways.

There's an obligatory cheesesteak reference (the sportswriter calls their perfume 'vulgar.') We get some Wikihistory (a schoolboy reference to Philadelphia's ascent to the nation's capital in 1790 then a less-taught attempt to siphon steamship commerce from New York ports during WWI).

But it gets more fun when you realize that while New York sports fans were looking north toward Boston they got ambushed from the south.

Filip Bondy in the NY Daily News writes:

The Phillies have leap-frogged and embarrassed the Mets for two straight Septembers, riding Jimmy Rollins' back-page boasts all the way to a championship. The  Eagles knocked off the Giants twice at the Meadowlands this season, the second time decisively.

The Flyers are battling the Rangers and Devils atop the Atlantic Division. The Sixers are mediocre, at best, but that only means they will be jockeying with the Knicks for key draft position. No doubt the expansion Philadelphia franchise will win the MLS title before the Red Bulls.

Maybe if you didn't name your soccer team after something to drink while standing outside an overpriced club...

It's a delicious piece to read, actually. Bondy even quotes our pal Bobo Ford, who manages to throw more elbows than Sean Avery. He'll need back-up driving through South Jersey.

Philly is the new Boston, the piece asserts.

Not as priggish, but way sneakier. This is getting to be fun.