Up In Smoke, The Weedman Resigns

"NJ Weedman" Ed Forchion asks a judge to let him represent himself at his April drug trial. He agreed, reluctantly, to limits. Story, B3.

This just in: Ed "The NJ Weedman" Forchion is getting out of the medical marijuana business.

Oh wait, didn't the government already close said business when federal agents raided the Liberty Bell Temple in California? And wasn't he a goner anyway, what with facing criminal charges back in New Jersey?

I dig Ed and marvel at his resolve, but as I've written before, he may have poked the bear one too many times. Mailing pot to Gov. Christie and the Attorney General isn't cheeky; it's suicidal.

Forchion's announcement below:

I have decided to resign my position as the director of the Liberty Bell Temple, Inc. - effective immediately due to the events of Dec 13th, 2011. For those who don't know on Dec13th the U.S. DEA raided Liberty Bell Temple and seized all the cash, all the marijuana and documents. No-one was arrested it was another COPPERY this time by the fed's. This has left Liberty Bell Temple severely impaired, cash strapped and endanger of closing due to lack of rent money and product.

I have been a marijuana activist for over 15 years and have dedicated much of my time to the issue of marijuana legalization.

I came to California 4 years ago from New Jersey as a activist with a mission to open a dispensary and show the people of New Jersey via the internet how it could be done without the sky falling down. The Temple has been a good thing, thousands of patients have come thru its doors, celebrities, actors, band members. Several video have been made at the temple, documentary's produced and many many news articles have been written about this unique dispensary in Hollywood.

To the people back east I was a success story, many east coaster visited the Temple because they heard of me. This all came to a head on Dec 13th when the DEA at the behest of New Jersey State Officials ( Gov Christie ) raided the temple. The reason for this raid was obviously about me and I am not bigger than the Temple so I am resigning with the hope that the temple can survive but the raid has severely hurt the Temple and I'm asking others to help. I'm resigning and the Temple will be under new management and directorship but I'd like to ensure its survival by asking supporters of mine to send anything you can (even as little as $4.20 – Please)

Most of the cost of my activism has been always been borne by me or my family. My bails, my lost product, my freedom I'm now asking others, activist supporters and members to help save the Liberty Bell Temple. Please help the temple survive this crisis. The Temple needs about 10,000 to restart don't let the tyrants of Government get away with closing this location with or without me this was a good place for many, it never made much money because it wasn't about that. It was an example to the world.

-- Monica Yant Kinney

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