Tweet for tat

After disowning their New Jersey Senate candidate for his ill-advised online advice about women, the Camden County Republicans now want the Democrats to renounce one of their own for alleged conduct during a domestic dispute three years ago.

Says county GOP chairman Thomas Booth, "the Democrats raised the anti-women issue...If it's good enough for them, I don't understand why it's not good enough for us as well."

Historically unable to find and field viable candidates, the county Republicans have managed to root through the debris of the messy divorce between incumbent Democrat Freeholder Louis Cappelli and his wife, Jackie.

The classy bit of opposition research yielded a domestic violence charge -- apparently dismissed -- stemming from a 2008 incident at the couple’s Sea Isle City home.

Armed with this revelation, outraged Republicans met the media Thursday, as my colleague James Osborne reports.

They strenuously attempted to equate Cappelli with 6th district Senate candidate Phil Mitsch, whose Twitter observations about male-female relationships inspired outrage among Democrats -- and ultimately were repudiated by GOP leaders. Who now want Cappelli to resign.

He hasn't, and neither has Mitsch.

But Thursday’s media event did provide the Republicans with a YouTube video.

While the clip lacks the morose melodrama of the Democrats’ Mitsch video (which features an array of face so stricken, you swear someone has died), the Republicans on the screen seem just as sad. Maybe sadder.