'Swingers' bash a no go-go in West Deptford

The view inside Club Champagne. And just like the song, there will be no sex in here either, police said.

The prospect of a bacchanal featuring “food…strippers and SEX all under one roof” proved way too wild for West Deptford, where police have shut down the party before it could get started.

Promoted online by something called “Strip Club Takeover,” the private event was to have been held December 3 at Club Champagne, a Crown Point Road establishment where the regular dancers have evocative names like "Cashmere."

In addition to chicken marsala and tortellini, the event’s offerings were to have included “couples play,” presumably not a reference to a theatrical presentation.

“The way it was advertised, there could have been problems,” township police chief Craig Mangano told the Gloucester County Times.

Speaking of swingers: Club Champagne was previously the site of a country/western bar that later turned into a gay disco.

And for a glimpse of what can happen when too much go-go hits a small town, check out this clip from Village of the Giants, a 1965 camp-fest about a gang of gargantuan, gyrating juvenile delinquents.

Yup. That’s Beau Bridges.