Struggling to save Cherry Hill park house

The champion of a neglected cottage in a Camden County, NJ park has only begun to fight.

The Wallworth Park Clubhouse in Cherry Hill is "absolutely worthy of preservation," says Kevin Cook, 35, noting it was part of the original park design by the noted Charles W. Leavitt.

Last winter, Cook, who lives in the township, became alarmed at the condition of the building,  which has been vacant for at least 30 years and had been on a county demolition list.

He has since assidulously lobbied the Camden County freeholders to stabilize and seal the building; my recent column about his efforts is here.

"We continue to have a dialogue with Kevin and move forward with securing the clubhouse," county spokesman Dan Keashen says.

Cook, who is battling a neurological disorder, has enlisted other township residents and local preservationists in the effort. Clubhouse supporters also have a new page on Facebook.

"I'm not ready to fold up my tent and go home," he says.