Some Old-School Blinq Links

Back in the day, which means last year, I had this job where I sat at home and read what others were posting before shooting off my own mouth into cyberspace. The best part was discovering what others were into, and knitting that together with some Deep Thoughts of mine. Then picking a foolish picture to capture the attention of people who were looking for pictures of T.O.

My column for Thursday got pushed to Friday, to make room for Annette John-Hall's take on the man who contains multitudes, and is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

So with a little extra time, I've been reading today, and wanted to share a little love for two local writers who have just poured their hearts out in powerful ways.

Citizen Mom voices what many women I respect are saying to me over the phone or across the dinner table. She calls it "Damn  Right, I'm Bitter." While she's not voting for McCain or anything, she is feeling some major resentment over what happened an achievement she'd felt was long overdue, a woman president.

Then Clark DeLeon writes in the Metro and his blog about the gunshot that took down a dear friend. And it's a keeper, the pop pop pop pop pop -- why do they always shoot in fives? he asks, and the brutal waste of a kindred soul. Serious city-going-to-hell stuff.


Have you played with Legodelphia? (h/t Geekadelphia) Somewhere there's a little plastic you in primary colors.


Ok, you're too old for Lego. How about a social network for Philly knitters? Then try Ravelry.


Lion would please the sultan. With a nice parsley garnish. More edible exotica from the restaurant ZoT.  Yak? Yes.


I don't get Twitter. I know, too old. Too analog. Bite me. But what I do get is this -- which I wish I would have found when Sen. Obama made his left-coast comments about us Cracker Barrel-loving Keystone Staters.