So a collapse doesn't happen again

A view from across Market Street of the rubble of collapsed buildings on June 5, 2013. (AP Photo/Dino Hazell)

Despite multiple complaints about shoddy demolition work at 22nd and Market, the site went uninspected for more than three weeks before the deadly collapse Wednesday that killed six and injured 14, as the Inquirer reports.

Neighborhood workers and residents made complaints as early as May 7 to Philly311 and the city’s department of Licenses and Inspections, which oversees demolition projects, but the city failed to properly investigate.

A demolition job done by a reputable company would cost around $250,000, one expert told the Inquirer, while porn king and slumlord Richard Basciano hired Campbell Construction Co. for $10,000.

You get what you pay for.

The first lawsuit, in most likely many, was filed Thursday.

Here’s an idea: The next time you see questionable construction work, call city officials but, if authorities fail to respond, please contact The Inquirer. Our number is 215-854-4500.


--Karen Heller