Shooting Wilder Street

Identical twins Champayne (left) and Charmaine Barfield, 16, with their photo.

When an upbeat band of young moderns comes to your neighborhood bearing basketball nets, backpacks stuffed with school supplies and gallons of brightly colored paint, sometimes it's not too good to be true.

They were led by Nema Etebar, a half-Iranian/half-Kentuckian photographer, and they picked the 2600 block of Wilder Street because of a strong role model named Tonja Bell, 45, who was described as the sort of lady who held together a block with hugs.

By summer's end, the six or so friends - a doctor, a singger/songwriter, a Vanguard worker and a bunch of photographers - had cleaned up the place with the residents, held a giant block party, and left 6-by-6-foot black and white portraits, gorgeous ones, of some of the neighborhoods children and two women who watch out for them.

Today's metro column, which starts with gunfire.