Right sees red over Jersey green

Time to add "sustainable" to the far right's ever-longer list of forbidden words.

NJ Spotlight reports that the Christie administration's proposed state development and redevelopment plan sustained a bombardment during a public hearing Monday in Ocean County.

Like members of tea party groups elsewhere, critics at the meeting assailed the plan as a conspiracy to impose a United Nations proposal known as Agenda 21 on Garden State residents -- and to force us to give up suburban sprawl and all of its joys.

"This plan has nothing to do with the U.N.,"’ Gerard Scharfenberger, director of the state Office of Planning Advocacy, was quoted by NJ Spotlight as telling the crowd. "This plan isn’t coercive; it is completely voluntary."

The liberal website Blue Jersey urges that supporters of the plan or planning in general should attend the final hearing at 2 PM today at City Hall, Jersey City.

Meanwhile, folks on the far-right fringe aren't alone in rushing to the barricades: Even the Republican party's platform managed to take time from denouncing marriage equality to denounce Agenda 21.