SMS Classics

FeudTween 2hses- Montague&Capulet. RomeoMfalls_<3w/_JulietC@mary Secretly Bt R kils J's Coz &&is banishd. J fakes Death. As Part of Plan2b-w/R Bt_leter Bt It Nvr Reachs Him. Evry1confuzd-bothLuvrs kil Emselves

What's this? Text message cramming for Romeo & Juliet, according to the BBC. Duh!

And this? Who's first to name the SMS classic:

5Sistrs WntngHsbnds. NwMeninTwn-Bingly&Darcy. Fit&Loadd.BigSis Jane Fals 4B,2ndSisLiz H8s D Coz Hes Proud. Slimy Soljr Wikam Sys DHs Shady Past.Trns Out Hes Actuly ARlyNysGuy &RlyFancysLiz. She Decyds She Lyks Him.Evry1 Gts Maryd.

No cheating!

Posted 11/17/2005 11:57:41 AM

Pride and Prejudice! What do I win?

Daniel Rubin
Posted 11/17/2005 12:09:20 PM

Ok, you win, indeed. We have a space at the paper's arts and entertainment section where we set out the promotional doo-dads that movie and tv companies send us. We call it 'still life with payola.' send me an email with your address, and i will fish out some fabulous trinket and send it off to you. promise.