Rutgers Calling

Christopher Jones , who earned a B average, hopes to transfer to Rutgers. (SARAH J. GLOVER / Staff Photographer)

That student I wrote about this morning who left Delaware Valley College, saying it was no place to be openly gay? He got into Rutgers this afternoon.

After enduring some outrageous taunting from some football players and members of an agricultural frat over two years, Christopher Jones finally felt his spirit breaking mid-way this year.

The 19-year-old applied for a transfer this winter, while his discontent at the small, private college in Doylestown grew deeper. Rutgers told him to get his grades up and keep involved in all those campus activities. Then re-apply this spring.

He did all that.

Someone from the Dean of Students office called today and offered him a position for the fall.

Jones told me he got so emotional the woman apologized for upsetting him. Tears of joy, he told her.

Strong ending.