Rut-Row: Fuzzy math 3.0

Chris Christie predicts the New Jersey legislature will successfully concoct a politically palatable apparatus to amalgamate Rutgers-Camden and Rowan universities.

Will such a scheme make academic, much less, fiscal, sense?

No worries!

Part of a statewide higher education revolution the governor has decreed must be launched by July 1, the byzantine/elephantine Rut-Row scheme is indeed moving ahead -- despite the fact that only Christie and a bi-partisan handful of politicos want it, and almost everyone else doesn't.

And despite the fact our dear leaders don’t know what it will cost, either.

Unlike the legislators, Rutgers-Camden finance professor Eugene Pillotte has actually analyzed the numbers. He has determined that refinancing the debt on his campus alone could cost $226 million.

Expert calculations aren't likely to faze Christie, who habitually dismisses or ignores numbers he doesn’t like. Consider his (equally expert) promotion of his purported “Jersey Comeback” amid high unemployment and low revenue projections in the state.

Let's also remember that the governor's strategy seems to be working.

As measured by the latest Rutgers-Eagleton poll, Christie's popularity has never been higher.