Romney channels Goldwater

Mitt Romney's brazen assertion that nearly half of the electorate is made up of mindless moochers is being mass-splashed by Mother Jones.

The liberal mag broke the story with a sneak-peaky video that plays like an homage to right-wing hidden camera auteur James O'Keefe


In the Romney vid, we (sort of) see and clearly hear the GOP nominee dissing and dismissing "dependent" American voters as permanently beholden to President Obama -- and as such, unworthy of his attention.

Sound bite-backs, sure to be appearing soon (if not already) in Obama attack ads, likely will remind some viewers of one of the killer TV spots from Lyndon Johnson's 1964 campaign.

That commercial deployed Barry Goldwater's own wishful words -- about how lovely it would be if only the Eastern seaboard could be "sawed off" from the rest of America -- with blunt, black-and-white effectiveness.