Right to Left

Or is that Write to Left? She'll figure it out.

Looks like Jane Eisner, former Inky columnist and editorial page editor, is short-listed to helm The Forward, the New York-based newspaper that has been published in Yiddish since 1897.

The New York Times reports that the weekly paper's publisher nominated Eisner, and that the non-profit's board will vote on Sunday.

Eisner is at the National Constitution Center these days, bearing the title vice president for national programs and initiatives. She'd be the first woman to edit the Forward, either in Yiddish or in English -- the English language version began in 1990.

I put in a call to Jane, whom I've known since we were cubs in Norfolk, Va.

How's your Yiddish? I asked.

"Pretty non-existent," she said, "but fortunately the job's in English."

She's editing the English version. She said she'd commute at first, then find a place in the city to stay during the week, keeping her home here.

"It's just a tremendous honor," she said. "This is a newspaper that I studied in college. It can be a really important progressive voice for American Jewry."