Reality from some Dreamers

photo by Daniel Rubin/ Fernanda and Cesar Marroquin, siblings from Springfield, Montco, can get paperwork allowing them two more yrs in the U.S. yet they're skeptical.

Fernanda Marroquin, 22, had little hope to offer when I talked to her about Obama's announcement Friday to allow hundreds of thousands of young people without documentation to stay in the country two more years.

The president's order will let her get a social security number and a driver's license. She will have an easier time helping her parents - who arrived here from Peru a dozen years and overstayed their tourist visa - pay for her tuition at Eastern University.

But she noted that the administration has selectively pursued people here without documentation, and wants a long-term solution, such as passage of the Dream Act, which Senate Republicans put to sleep in late 2010, despite - or because of - White House Support.

I asked the 22-year-old what she thought of the plan of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who during primary season argued that illegal immigrants should self-deport.

"Of course it would be worse," she said.