Read my lips

Chris Christie, who refuses to raise taxes on New Jersey’s supposedly job-creating millionaires, is hiking them on folks who actually put people to work in the Garden State. reports New Jersey employers will have to collectively pony up a total of $80 million in 2012 because the state is two years in arrears on a federal loan it used to fund unemployment insurance. New Jersey is one of 20 such states nationwide.

According to Politicker, “the federal tax hit is in addition to a tax increase levied by the state this year in an attempt to restock the nearly insolvent Unemployment Trust Fund. All told the boost in unemployment taxes will average nearly $180 per employee for employers throughout the state.”

Unless one counts telling Oprah about late-night college donut raids as a willingness to man up, Christie seems unlikely to accept responsibility for raising taxes on bona fide job creators. And certainly not during today’s State of the State address.

Instead, look for spin and blame-gaming.

Consider: When asked last year whether his administration’s drastic cuts in local aid caused property taxes to rise in a number of municipalities, Christie said, “absolutely not.”

Read his lips...