?uestlove on his favorite TastyKakes

Everyone's got a favorite TaskyKake.

(Even folks who didn't grow up here. I played on a softball team in Norfolk, Va., with a TastyKake driver who used to bring us seconds. Seconds! What could be wrong. Too much butterscotch in the Krimpet?)

The other day I read a post about ?uestlove, the Philly guy who nails it all in place for the Roots, and his all-time favorite TaskyKake snacks.

This is what the drummer told The Feast:

"They were part of growing up here. I bought Shortbread Cookies with the dollar my mom would give me for altar tithes," he says. "I had lots of favorites, but I can definitely give you my top five."

Click here to see all five. Then go read Dan DeLuca on same.