Wild in the Streets

The long arm of the law, in his case, wields an animal snare. Jerrold Czech Jr., Philadelphia’s only wildlife conservation officer, prepares to take another critter into protective custody. (Elizabeth Robertson / Staff Photographer)

Jerrold Czech is real police, keeping us safe from the animals, and more often visa versa. 

Today's metro column springs from a ride-around with the city's sole Wildlife Conservation Officer.

He covers about 2 million people (including Delco these days) and deals with a lot of deer and the occasional peregrine falcon and bald eagle mama. He tells stories, dryly and well.

Didn't have time to get into the tarantulas and alligators that drug dealers like to keep under their window sills to discourage instrusions. Effective, he says. His peers in the other 135 state Game Commission Districts have lots of problems with giant animals. So does he, but it's different in the city.

In the heat of the summer, better call out a plumber ... the video that came to mind is "Wild in the Streets."