Police the fashion

No one who, like me, once sported the singularly ill-advised hair and clothing styles of the '70s or '80s has any business remarking upon, much less, regulating, the sartorial tastes of grown-ups.

What juveniles wear to public school is another matter.

Thus I salute the Burlington City and West Deptford boards of education for considering whether to make over their dress codes for students, like a growing number of other New Jersey school districts.

As the uncle of a bunch of New England teenagers (all of them wonderful), I've occasionally been astonished by the...casualness of what once were quaintly called "school clothes" but that now could be better described as knockoffs from Snooki and the Situation's House of Couture.

But enough of my fuddy-duddy-ness.

A public school dress code ought not dictate taste so much as set standards (imagine that!) to which every student is expected to abide.

No small lesson.