Songs for Obama

"I am large. I contain multitides"  -- Walt Whitman

A playlist for president-elect Barack Obama. NBC News has called it at 11 p.m.

Something to listen to on this historical occasion, as the world has changed in a night.

I feel as if we've been given a Mulligan for the past eight years. We get to be our best again.

I am watching scenes of tears and jubilation on TV, and hearing words about "the blood of our ancestors."  And I think of my own boys, voting for the first time. Boys whose own ancestors were slave owners in Tidewater, Virginia. That same Virginia that voted for a black man tonight. There is a road out. There is redemption. Godspeed.

But, before you go crazy, heed these words of wisdom, you crazy black and white people.

(by the way, you just have to press that little blue 'play' arrow to hear these songs.)